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Unbonded pc strand is coated with corrosion-resistant lubricating grease and polyethylene sheathing(HDPE).Standard by ASTM A416, BS5896, prEN 10138, AS1311, GB/T 5224£»or quivalent and other standards Tensile strenght

Tensile Strength£º1670Mpa, 1700Mpa, 1770Mpa, 1820Mpa and 1860Mpa etc.


Unbonded pc strand apply£º
Unbonded PC strand  are mainly used for prestressed steel structure, a variety of rail and road bridges, factory plant, high-rise building, prestressed construction and a variety of building foundation columns and the transformation of reinforcement, the city's overpass, Shell safety of nuclear power stations, television tower, water towers, concrete silo, sewage treatment, anchoring the rock, water conservancy and hydropower project, the standard pre-stressed concrete structures, poles, water pipes, crane beam, the level of large plates, hollow Floor, and so on.